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Aquatic and Land Bodywork

Quantum Leap Healing

Sometimes we come at transitions in our life where we feel something is amiss, and our soul or body send a silent cry, manifesting in the form of physical or psychological pain. It is at these times of suffering or “breakdown” that an opportunity is presented to reevaluate our choices and the paradigms we based them upon. Maybe unresolved emotions have fueled resolutions that have completed their usefulness and no longer serve us. The "emergency" can then be revealed as a spiritual "emergence", during which the potential for new solutions is discovered and harnessed to suggest new directions and reframe the crisis to a chance for a quantum leap in awareness from which effortless and lasting healing of patterns recognized as obsolete arise.

Emotional Freedom Technique is a revolutionary tool that uses tapping on acupuncture points to reset the energetic and electrical systems of the body while focusing on a surprisingly wide spectrum of specific issues, both physical and/or emotional. It allows highly effective and lasting results in the range of minutes or hours where traditional methods of therapy require months and years, often never really resolving the pain or eradicating the consequences at the level of post-traumatic stress. Lilia’s approach is most comprehensive and aims at uncovering the core issues underlying the symptoms, while teaching you the technique in the way that you can continue applying it on your own and explore the layers emerging in the process. Most people receive complete relief in one session. For best outcome, one and a half to two hour sessions are recommended.

With six years of Medical School, a life-long research in the alternative healing arts, and a wide array of specializations and professional titles, Lilia offers a deep understanding and profound experience in counseling and integrative healing. Besides EFT, she offers shamanic journey, breathwork, Reiki, Cranial-Sacral, unwinding in water and on land, various modalities of table massage and aquatic therapy. The sessions can be arranged in the Watsu Pool, in a massage room or in a natural environment and may be combinations of all modalities.

An exploration developed by Lilia Cangemi, Dolphin Dance is an eclectic aquatic and sub-aquatic bodywork modality based on the stretches and point work of Shiatsu, the kneading and friction of Swedish and Deep Tissue, the muscle relaxation principles of Trager, the energetic connection of Reiki, the delicate work of Cranial-Sacral, and the joint manipulation allowed by hydro-dinamic movement impressed by the practitioner on the receiver above and under body-temperature water. The spine is naturally elongated and decompressed, while muscles and organs get massaged and invited to release toxins and habitual holding patterns.

Inspired by Watsu, Waterdance and Healing Dance, Dolphin Dance starts above water and, upon request, then leads the receiver into the mesmerizing world of the underwater universe, as nose clips enable effortless breathing between air and water, creating an easy interface between the two elements. The physiological dive reflex allows longer and longer submersions and an almost magical breath suspension, which become vehicle for deep states of relaxation and immersion in a profoundly healing space. The pre-natal and womb consciousness become available in the reality of the present, often generating an experience of rebirth that can be nurturing and integrative of past traumas. Dolphin Dance further explores non-passive forms of session including unwinding and interactivity with the client's movement, during which the client is in control of his/her submerging and surfacing. Underwater dance and contact improvisation become part of sessions designed to bring through their fear clients who are afraid of water, in a gradual and comfortable step-by-step approach.

Besides Dolphin Dance, Lilia offers an eclectic spectrum of modalities, many with an alternative approach, always holistic. Special combinations you may want to choose are land/water sessions (any pair of modalities listed below), Quantum Leap Healing (a comprehensive combination of all the modalities of your choice listed below) or Aquadance (an individualized session designed to bring you through the fear of water).

Please feel free to call for a free consultation and further information:

Lilia Cangemi (808) 938-1847 (HI, USA)

If I don’t answer, please leave a message and a timeframe to call you back.


In Water



Dolphin Dance (above and underwater, may include unwinding and interactivity)

Aquadance (an individualized session designed to guide you through the fear of water)

On Land

Lomi Lomi


Deep Tissue




EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)


Shamanic Journey

Counseling/Life Coaching

Soul Journey

Quantum Leap Healing